Daily Schedule

Each day, the programs follow the same schedule.  When the schedule is predictable, children can spend their energy towards play and learning vs. anxiety about what might happen next.  The timing is flexible and may change according to children's interests and needs for each day, but the order of events will always be predictable.

Our  classes follow a pattern of active activities followed by quieter activities, so that children are never asked to be still for too long, or to be active for too long.

Mt. View Teachers create lesson plans and early learning experiences that will help children develop in all areas: fine and gross motor, art, math, literacy, science, and social-emotional development.

Programming includes a music teacher and an art teacher who visit weekly.

Children play outside for 30 minutes or longer of each session

(am, lunch, pm).

Monthly Themes

In addition, daily lesson plans are created to incorporate monthly themes throughout the school, carefully chosen to correspond to the changing seasons and events throughout the year. Teachers plan the classroom's daily activities intentionally incorporating these themes with

literature, activities, crafts, and games.

As well as other quality children's stories, a carefully chosen piece of Children's Literature that corresponds with each theme is read during each group time, promoting repetition of storytelling and reading - a valuable tool for gaining pre-literacy skills and development.