Frequently Asked Questions

What is the preschool capacity and class size?

Mt. View Preschool understands the value of a low teacher to student ratio.  While our license allows for much higher ratios, we feel that meaningful interactions between children and teachers are instrumental in forming a positive learning environment.

  • 2/3 Year old class may have up to 18 children and 3 teachers. (1:6)​

  • PreK/4 Year old classes have up to 21 children and 3 teachers. (1:7)

  • KReady/5 Year old classes have up to 24 children and 3 teachers. (1:8)

  • In addition to classroom teachers, an extra Float Teacher is assigned each day to assist classrooms as needed.

  • The Director is available at any time for Parent needs, as well as to spend time in the classrooms assisting children and Teachers.

What ages does Mountain View serve?

We accept children who are ages 2 1/2 - 6 years.

Does Mountain View follow BVSD's school schedule?

The Mt. View Preschool calendar is planned to coincide with the Boulder Valley School District (BVSD) calendar whenever possible.  We offer "OffDay" camps on most BVSD off days.  In addition, we offer several weeks of our Summer Play Program.  

Are classes ever cancelled?

Preschool classes may be cancelled due to severe weather.  Classes are automatically cancelled whenever BVSD classes are cancelled.  In addition, classes may be cancelled by the Preschool Director when severe weather makes carpooling dangerous.  Parents will be notified by phone or email.  Closure decisions are made by 7:30 a.m.

Are children required to be potty trained before starting at Mountain View?

We do not require children to be toilet trained to attend Mt. View Preschool.  

What is Free Play?

Free play encourages children to function independently by learning to initiate activities, make choices, solve problems, respect one another's rights and feelings, resolve conflicts, follow through on decisions, and gain friendships.  Children interact with others and learn valuable social and interpersonal skills. Mountain View teachers set limits that are non-judgmental, enabling children to develop inner control and respond to guidance without shame or resentment.

Does Mountain View offer field trips or any special events?

Yes! Please see our "What Makes Mountain View Special" page to read more about our extra offerings!